Swiss Genealogy Online

Listed below are several online genealogical organizations and groups dedicated to promoting and studying Swiss genealogy. Some of these sites require registration.

Presented by Richard Lynn Walker of FamilySearch this video is a wonderful starting point to understanding Swiss genealogy, its unique features, and resources for studying Swiss genealogy. Additionally, it discuses ways to identify Swiss ancestors in one's own ancestry. 

Finding Your Swiss Ancestor: How to Get Started 

Swiss Genealogy on the Internet is a great introduction to Swiss history, genealogy, geography, culture, and available primary sources.


Swiss Genealogy on the Internet 

With issues dating back to 1692 and appearing in several languages, this is a collection of country-wide old newspapers. This resource is particularly helpful in tracking down marriage announcements and obituaries. 

Swiss Newspapers Archive

Geneal-Forum is a Europe-based forum dealing with research in German-speaking and French-speaking countries. There are numerous experts in the group who generously give of their time to analyze genealogical puzzles, translate records, offer advice, etc.


FamilySearch maintains a group devoted exclusively to studying Swiss genealogy.

FamilySearch Swiss Genealogy Group 

On Facebook, there are at least three groups studying Swiss genealogy.

Swiss & Liechtenstein Genealogy

Swiss Mennonite Genealogy & History   

Switzerland Genealogy! Just Ask!