The Descendants of Swiss Settlers honors and celebrates the unique legacy and achievements of Swiss men and women who settled in North America prior to 5 March 1798, which marks the end of the Old Swiss Confederacy. 


Our mission is to preserve and promote the history, genealogy, customs, and culture of early Swiss settlers who generously contributed their time, talent, and treasure to the settling of the North American Continent. 

Our Society endeavors to:


·      Promote and study the history and culture of early Swiss settlers in North America.


·      Preserve documents and record family histories, lineages, and traditions of said settlers. 


·      Publish materials relevant to the history, heritage, and memory of early Swiss settlers. 


·      Sustain the memory of early Swiss settlers by hosting events at which members can gather to embrace their heritage through learning and socializing. 


·      Provide charitable support for organizations and individuals that raise awareness about early Swiss settlers.